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My aim is to help prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for birthing your baby and for parenthood.  Discussion, education, relaxation, massage, muscle/ligament alignment, visualisation, diet analysis & nutritional advice, herbal/homeopathic supplements and physical examinations of both yourself and your baby contribute to this.  I would request pathology and ultrasounds as indicated.   My antenatal care is aimed at having both you and your baby in the best possible health so that the birth outcome is optimal. Over the course of our antenatal time together, I hope to achieve a close trusting relationship so that the birth atmosphere is as calm and warm as possible. Antenatal appointments of 60-90 mins allow plenty of time for open conversation, questions and information sharing, which allows me to become familiar with your beliefs, aspirations and fears around birth. 

I believe strongly that you should make informed choices about all aspects of your care and endeavour to provide you with:

*Accurate information


*Advantages and disadvantages of different procedures

*Statistical and anecdotal evidence

*Time to consider options

*Emotional support regardless of the decision you make 

I believe it is the responsibility and right of every birthing woman to choose the birth place and birth carer that best align with her philosophy and beliefs around birth. She should feel safe with her chosen carer and environment.   In regard to this, I believe women’s social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural choices and needs should be honoured and supported.  Institutions and politics in our country do not consistently support this philosophy, however, so together we continue to passionately fight for these rights.



Booking visit - paperwork, health/diet/well-being analysis.

Monthly from 16-28 weeks

Fortnightly till 36 weeks

Weekly from 36 weeks

Length of visits is usually around 1- 1.5hours