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If your preference is to homebirth, I would provide all of your care – antenatal, labour and postnatal. I will attend you in your home from the time you want me to come and will remain until at least 2 hours after the birth or until you are clean and comfortable and both stable.  I provide all the necessary birth documents.  I carry equipment eg cord clamps, suturing material, intravenous and resuscitation equipment, blood pressure, stethoscope, doppler and pinards (for listening to baby.)  I can provide a labour/birth pool (one with heater) upon request. You will be required to hire an oxygen cylinder to keep in your home prior to labour.  The cost is $45-85 depending on the period of time hired.

My service encompasses an holistic approach avoiding unnecessary intervention and focusing on the health and empowerment of the birthing family.  I therefore: 

*do not carry drugs for pain relief (T.E.N.S. machine available)

*do not routinely suction mucous from the baby’s mouth

*am adverse to rupturing membranes (breaking waters) artificially

*believe there are many disadvantages to cutting episiotomies and rarely consider it an option

* do not perform routine vaginal examinations

*prefer 3rd stage (delivery of placenta) to be as natural as possible

*consider that reduced or short care does not contribute to the best possible outcome. 

I am currently limiting my availability for homebirth due to legislative changes, back up options and family commitments. 


If your preference is for hospital birth, I would provide thorough and holistic antenatal care to provide you with optimal preparation and information for a natural birth.  I can recommend a doula (if you don’t already have one) who would support you through your birthing journey.  She can resource information/advice from me at any time.  I may be able to offer you postnatal support (along with your doula) once you return home. See below.