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Girls Stepping Into Womanhood


A Workshop for Mothers and Daughters

To share and Celebrate the

Transition into Womanhood


The full day workshop:

·        Discusses changes taking place in the body (physical, emotional, spiritual)

·        Powerfully identifies the cycles and rhythms in our own bodies and within nature

·        Empowers the young woman to support herself with nutrition

·        Provides a forum for the young woman to express concerns and lets her know that her feelings are natural and have been shared by women throughout time

·        Assists her to identify her needs at this time in her life.

·        Identifies societal expectations. (within story)

(Numbers are limited to  promote a safe and intimate environment)

Through the use of story-telling, celebration and discussion, mothers and daughters step into this exciting and empowering journey together.  My hope is to be a part of restoring maternal lines of initiation into our culture and for out young women to move, with power and reverence, into this new phase of their lives, that this may positively impact their image of themselves , as women, and flow into their own mothering  .........

Jodi Johnson (RN, Midwife, Mother, Grad Dip Womens Health )

AGE: Girls on the edge of pubescence (9-11)