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Jodi Johnson

My name is Jodi Johnson and I am a registered nurse/midwife, and am Medicare eligible.  I have worked with homebirth since 1995.  My general and midwifery training were both undertaken through Brisbane public hospitals & I have worked as a midwife in most Brisbane hospitals.  I was accredited (a quality assurance process) by the Australian College of Midwives in 1995.  Further education includes Therapeutic Massage, Muscle Alignment Therapy, Graduate Diploma in Women’s’ Health, Graduate Diploma in Midwifery,  I am a member of the Brisbane H.O.M.E. program and MidPlus program which both provide ongoing peer and consumer assessment, and Continued Professional Development. I provide training for incoming midwives, and am a member of the Australian College of Midwives.  

My move into the home-midwifery community was triggered by the constant disempowerment of women (both staff and ‘patients’) in the hospital system, and my desire to make contribution to more positive, loving birth experiences. I am the mother of three children, all born at home.  One being a water-birth.